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  • purpose prevails frontcover

Purpose Prevails! (book) (Book)

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Do you feel as if your dreams are being detoured and your destiny delayed?
Do enemies and obstacles seem to hold you back from God’s promises?
Know that God is never late, and nothing can interfere with His perfect plan for your life. Thankfully, He has already factored problems into His design, and He even uses tests and trials to send you further down the path toward abundant life.
In Purpose Prevails: Lessons from Joseph’s Journey, Pastor Paul Sheppard shows how Joseph could never have reached his place of prominence beside Pharaoh in Egypt, had he not been rejected by his brothers, thrown into a pit, sold into slavery, and imprisoned for a crime that he didn’t commit.
Purpose Prevails! shows how no enemies, obstacles, or powers that come against you can rob you or set you back from the peace, joy, and victory that you have in Christ. Learn how the things that come against you are necessary steps in your journey, actually helping you to reach your destiny. Discover the biblical practice of “weaving yourself to God,” as a means of finding rest and abiding in the steadfast assurance that His purpose prevails—especially in the difficult seasons of life.


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