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Dethroning the Queen (Book)


Alicia Sheppard exposes and explains issues that create hostility between women by addressing them in light of Scripture. Topics include comparison,...

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Why God Created Dads (Book)


In this easy to read book, Paul Sheppard shares insights and inspiration from Scripture on the subject of fatherhood. In fact, men and women alike...

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Rebuilding What the Enemy Almost Destroyed (Book)


You're surrounded by ruined dreams and shattered aspirations. Enemies attack you from without and within. Welcome to Nehemiah's world. This humble...

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Purpose Prevails! (book) (Book)


Do you feel as if your dreams are being detoured and your destiny delayed? ...

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Spiritual Growth Matters! (Book)


What thirty-year-old still rides a bicycle with training wheels or plays with dolls? It’s unthinkable! And yet — it’s sad to say — too many...

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Letters to Pastors' Wives (Book)


From author Meredith R. Sheppard: ...

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Defeating Discouragement (Book)


Everyone experiences discouragement at times in their life. The important question is, what do you do with that discouragement? In Defeating...

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Lessons from the Vineyard (Book)


Not every Christian is blessed with the same gifts and callings, but all of us can bear the same fruit of the Spirit. However, the Lord will not...

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Wisdom That Is Caught, Not Taught, Vol. 1 (Book)


In Wisdom that Is Caught, Not Taught (Vol. 1), Pastor Paul Sheppard shows how to discover the Lord’s ultimate purpose by stepping out in faith and...

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